Wednesday, February 5, 2014

HPU mailroom's department working scheduler

Problem Description
I found that HPU's mailroom might need a more systematic schedule for each worker. Because most of the workers  are students not professionals. Base on my working experience in the mailroom for one year, I found that sometime it is hard to get the workers to come to work on time result as shortage of man power, decrease of efficiency. The worst, once I saw the superior delivered the mails all the way to Loa campus on his own because he was the only one at the office. My proposal is that creating a rating and rewarding system that will rate for each workers in five-star rating standard depend on their performances and attendance, and then schedule the workers into at least a 5star worker on the certain time period system. To those students who are less than three-star are not qualified to get the maximum 15 working hours or lower the 15 max. per week . To those students with more than 3 stars, they are able to apply for the extra working hours up to 20. But this increment have to agreed with the HR and base on the student's studying situation.

System Capabilities
The system will be able to store in any information that might relate to the worker or might help for the rating including comments maximum in 50 words. A record for each worker clearly state the worker's status, in this case, star rating.

Business Benefit

Increasing efficiency of the work, motivate students during working , train students to be professionals, using the limited time to do the maximum works, investing money wisely. (pay to who deserves)

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